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So last time I wrote it was January oopps.

I am estatic! I am finally done with Euphoria! I'm so done with that hell hole. Im so done being stressed over tests, having the staff lose my paperwork, having the staff NOT do their jobs and dumb bitches .

God im soooo happy. I never ever want to go back there. lol

bah this week.

So,since we've returned back from school jan 3rd Ive been nothing but stressed out and Im sure its going to remain that way til I graduate especially with taking on 8 more hours in the week. And its really effecting me on all levels. I cant sleep at night making me grumpy. I dont feel like eating making me have headaches. I'm so tired all the time I dont wanna do anything. bah, Im sick of studying ALL THE TIME for tests. Tomorrow I have to take a perm test in which I just got done writing 22 pages worth of notes and right after that I have to make up my wigs and extensions test.

Some days I just wanna say FUCK IT and just crawl into a hole.

VERY disturbing...

For some reason I don't want to believe Heath Ledger is dead. I've loved his movies for so long and was happy for him when he was casted The Joker . Poor guy....

In another news...
2 years have past and not a day goes by were JM isnt in my mind and heart.I can't fathom how much his life and death made an impact on my life.
I don't want red hair anymore... I want my blonde hair back... :(

Less than 6 more months

I don't think I've ever wanted to be out of school so badly. .


Ok, here's what I can't stand.
When people have a secret and tell everyone and say " but don't tell anyone"
If you don't want anyone to know, don't tell anyone. Especially when it's a school full of girls.
Everyone knows that girls are going to talk and be catty. And sooner or later EVERYONE will know. And than they question why that happened.
I keep my personal life separate from school, people should follow . lol

Ugh, people are fucking stupid.

Dec. 12th, 2007

I get into bad moods very easily.
It's true and the more I analyze the reason the worse my mood gets.

IDK, I need more friends and less acquaintances. And It's not like I don't get invited to go do stuff its just that I never really wanna go out or hang out.

Also, today has been a terrible day.

I wasn't going to go to school today due to only having a little over 2 hours of sleep but I had a request client ,The client was another client's friend.
Holy fuck, I spend 4 hours trying to fix her fucked up hair. Finally at 2:30 I got my first break. AND I hadnt finished eating so I had someone clock me IN from lunch. After lunch I was rolling my station to the other room and my time card broke in half and when I went to go clock out for the day it said ' out of sequence' which means the girl who was suppose to clock me out didn't actually clock me out so I got fucked on my hours and couldn't fix it with my broken time card. bitches.
AND my tummy hurts.

I really really want a naptime and a hug and possibly some kisses.


SO besides getting my hair coloured this week has sucked.
Nothing is worse than just getting over 'that time' just to have it back 8 days later and worse than ever.
Im pretty miserable.
Ill post pictures of my hair later .

Dear Stupid girls who seek attention by being a whore and bragging about how many famous guys you've hooked up with , how many drugs you've done, or how much of an alcoholic you are ,
I don't care about your STD invested life.... so keep your ridiculous made up stories to yourself.

Also I can't stand when people ask me if I miss my friend from school. Like what else would I say, "Yeah Im really glad my only friend in this entire shithole is gone. I'm also suppper stoked about being forced to talk to you idiots instead of talking to someone I actually like.Now I can be the only Sara..muhahahaha"

I know I bitch and rant alot .Oh well

God I cant wait to get off for winter break , that just means when I come back Ill have 6 months left!


New topic


I hate christmas movies and music, its soo obnoxious . Jesus would not want to see Tim Allen acting ever.

But good thing is , I finished all my medication I was suppose to take for my Kidneys and I haven't had to take any pain killers or pain relievers since I started to take them. So I'm pretty solid that I'm better :) Which is good cause I hate taking 4 pills in a day. yuckkkk.
Also, I miss naptime :(. I just wanna snuggle you all day and all night and first of the day you.... *This is directed at one person.

Nov. 25th, 2007

So, I haven't updated in about a month... awesome.

I hate cold weather.. its really obnoxious..... lol.


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